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    Syed Jawaid Iqbal
President & CEO

He began his professional career in 1972 with Lintas (now Lowe & Rauf), one of the world’s leading advertising agencies. Jawaid is a law graduate who has acquired immense expertise in the field of image promotion. Due to his analytical mind he has gained useful insights into the fluctuating and volatile economic scene and the consequent progressive corporate activity. Utilizing his experience and skills and tapping them to their full potential, Jawaid launched CMC in the early 80s, which is today successfully meeting emerging challenges in image marketing and highly advanced PR techniques.

Jawaid Iqbal, who is generally known in the industry as JI, has successfully synchronized theoretical and practical demands of Public Relations in achieving desired objectives. Widely travelled, Jawaid has represented Pakistan at many regional and international forums. He has been Chairman, Pakistan Chapter of the Colombo-based South Asia Media Association (SAMA). He is also actively associated with a number of social welfare organizations and contributes to leading newspapers, writing on social and professional issues as well as international affairs. He has successfully presented TV talk shows on current affairs and interviewed a number of leaders for various terrestrial and satellite channels.

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